Episode 7

November 06, 2023


App defaults, goodbye Google Calendar

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Joshua Wold Luke Carbis Luke Irvine
App defaults, goodbye Google Calendar
Ultra Pro Max
App defaults, goodbye Google Calendar

Nov 06 2023 | 00:29:54


Show Notes

Today we did a deep dive into Joshua's screen on the Mac, iPhone, and Apple Watch. Saadia and Luke shared the things they liked and what they'd change. We also talked about what finished software looks like.

Joshua’s Mac desktop: https://d.pr/i/tnhMh6
Joshua’s Mac with dock open: https://d.pr/i/EvteEt
Joshua’s Mac with menu bar open: https://d.pr/i/EleQUb 

Saadia’s iPhone: https://d.pr/i/MfmYyF
Joshua’s iPhone: https://d.pr/i/pux1kV
Joshua’s Watch: https://d.pr/i/YDqAmU 


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